You may want to refund a direct payment or a specific period of a subscription or you may even want to cancel the entire payment.

See below a step-by-step plan for making refunds:
1 .  Go on your PayPro account and click on "Sales" or "Account" on the left bar at your Dashboard

2.  Search for your clients name in the search bar on the upper right

3. Choosing the right client by clicking on the name

4. Then, click on on the small "+"  to load the settings for this payment. The system will now offer the option to refund.

5. Now, look for the rubric "Actions" (lower right), click on the "Refund" box and fill in the amount you wish to refund. Finally, click on "Confirm". 

6. (Optional) If the refund action is not available check if the right IBAN is filled in at the customer details. If not, fill in the right IBAN at the customer details and click "Save"

That's it! The refund has been initiated!

Also note that this is only a matter of refunding or cancelling a single installment. The customer can still be automatically direct debited in the next period. 

Would you like to refund the period and stop the subscription? Then you need to do cancel the subscription by clicking on red button "Cancel subscription/ Abonnement stopzetten"

Something still unclear?
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