PayPal as a payment system:
PayPal is one of the payment services we offer. More about the PayPal payment method is written on our website: PayPro

Type of payment:
With PayPal, you can do one-time payments, installment payments and continuous subscription payments.

Note: For installment payments and subscriptions, all transaction data will be immediately recorded in the PayPal system. Consequently, the provided data with the initial payment is unchangeable. This means that both the amount and the collection date are fixed.

So, how to change the PayPal installment payments and/or subscriptions?
Best and easiest way is to end the running payment and to initiate a new one. Unfortunately, this is how PayPal arranged its system and we can not bypass it.

Notification from PayPal:
Regrettably, it sometimes happens that the confirmation of a submitted payment at PayPal is not directly sent. Then, a notification occurs that this process takes longer then usual (and possibly the recommendation to contact us). Often, that means that we (PayPro) have not received the signal yet, that the payment has been successful. Our experience has shown that we normally receive the signal within an hour after that.

If you still have not received a confirmation an hour later, then we advise you to contact us at or start a chat (right blue button).

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