If you offer subscriptions, you want to collect the customer automatically every week, every month or every quarter. 

It is important to pay attention to 2 points.

  • The customer needs to give an authorization, e.g. in form of a mandate. 

  • You need to know in advance how often and for how long a customer will have to be collected. 

Of course, a customer cannot and may not be collected just like that. The customer will have to give clear permission for this. If a customer has not authorised you or there is no proof, you can get high fines for this.  

A customer can be authorised in 2 ways. 

  1. The customer pays the first installment or starting amount via iDEAL or SOFORT. This is seen as proof that the customer agrees that there will be an automatic direct debit collections for the product/service in future. The account number with which the payment is made will be used for the direct debit process.

  2. The customer signs a SEPA direct debit form. This is a form that a company can draw up itself. It is like a kind of signed contract in which the customer gives the authorization that it can be collected to the agreed terms. Please note that a SEPA direct debit form is only legally valid if it complies with the legal rules. You can find more information about this on the website of the Dutch Payments Association.

*In case of a dispute with a collected customer, you are responsible for providing proof that the customer can be collected. 

PayPro and direct debit

PayPro offers 4 different ways to collect your customers via direct debit. A own website is not necessary for this process.
To be able to use this service to recur income from subscriptions and installments, you you have to activate the module "Spread Payment & Subscriptions ". The costs of this module are €25 per month + the transaction costs. 

Would you like to know what kind of transaction costs we charge? Click for the overview on our website.

Best practices (step-by-step guide):

We have four ways to create a payment button with an included subscription: Take a look.

  1. Via a payment page

  2. Via invoice and a payment link

  3. Via a Batch file

  4. Via API

1) Via a payment page

Our most popular option is via the module "Payment page" for €15 per month. Doing the payment with this module is the fastest and most popular way to collect direct debit payments from your customers. With "Payment Page" you can easily create a URL that you can display on your website via a payment button. 

This URL can also be mailed to a customer. This way, the customer doesn't have to go to your website first to buy a subscription, for example. 

The URL you create refers directly to the payment page where you can use iDEAL/SOFORT to pay the first installment/start-up amount. 

As soon as this is done, the customer has agreed to the direct debit process for the product/service in question, just like with the module "Creating and sending invoices". This way you don't have to use our invoicing service. 

If you have not created any payment buttons yet, click here for the article. But if you want to use an existing one and send it via e-mail to your customer follow this step:

  1. Log in into your PayPro account and click "MANAGE PAYMENT BUTTONS" on the left bar. Choose your product you want to be paid and click on 'Payment buttons'

    2. Copy the link under the header 'URL for your Website' and place it in your e-mail to the customer.

You can also reach the link, after clicking on the Name of your product instead of its Payment button. Go then to the third step on the webpage and copy the left link. It's the same.

2) Via an invoice + payment link

Besides the payment page we offer the module "Create & send invoices" for €7,50 per month. With this module you can easily create an invoice and send it to your customer.

When the customer agrees with the invoice and the amount, the customer can easily use the iDEAL link to pay the first installment / starting amount of the direct debit process. Once the customer has paid this, the direct debit process starts.

As mentioned before, the iDEAL transaction is proof for us that the customer agrees to the direct debit process.

The following steps will help you to use this module 'Create and send invoices'.

1 . Log in to your PayPro account and click on 'SEND INVOICE' on the left bar. Load your customer details by selecting the Name or search for the E-Mail, or/and fill in the customer's contact data.

2. Click on box to activate 'Invoice paid in installments with SEPA' and choose if you want to send one invoice including all payments, or separate ones for each installment. Then fill in the product's/service's payment details. (If you have also subscripted to the 'Debtor Management" module, then you can use it on this payments by clicking on box).

Now you receive a confirmation e-mail that the invoice has been send. If your customer then click on the link in his invoice e-mail, he will directed to a payment page where he can easily pay.

3) Via a batch

PayPro can also process direct debit batches on request. Then you need to send an XML/pain file to PayPro by yourself.

In case of a direct debit batch, you are responsible for ensuring that the customer issues a mandate by means of a SEPA direct debit form. We are legally allowed to request this form for verification.

Would you like to use this form or know more about it? Please contact us:
003185-4011786 or support@paypro.nl

4) Via our API

You can link your programs / systems to the API of PayPro. Click here for more information about the PayPro API.

Do you expect to do more than 1000 direct debits per month? Please contact us via: 003185-4011786 or support@paypro.nl. We can make you an offer for this.


Something still unclear?
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