If you want to collect your customers on a monthly basis, in some cases you need to have a direct debit authorisation from the customer. In this article you will find more information about when you need to have a direct debit mandate.

This mandate is only valid if the SEPA direct debit form meets the legal requirements. You can find more information about this on this website: Payment Association Netherlands.

Please note: You are responsible for ensuring that the authorisation is filled in and legally correct. We only look at aspects that apply to us. 

There are a number of details that you have to fill in as a payee. That is the company that cancels the collection. 

But who is the collector? 

You would expect that you as the receiving company are the "collector" because you want to carry out a collection at your customers' premises. This is a common mistake. You are the client of PayPro. PayPro will then carry out your assignment and collect the installments from your customers. 

So, PayPro is the payee

You will therefore need to enter our details on the SEPA direct debit authorisation form. 

The information you need to enter at the collector is the following:

Name:                PayPro BV
Address:            Emmaplein 1
Postal code:      9711AP
Residence:        Groningen
Country:            Netherlands
Incidental ID:    NL06ZZZ503992920000

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