Automatic debit collection through a batch-file is simple and needs low or even non involvement of your client. As a result the seller's preferences are quickly added.

How does the automatic data collection work?

The process is very simple. You can send us your batch files at any time. These file types (XML PAIN.008) can be exported from most accounting programs. To differentiate your clients, it is extremely important that every client has a unique Mandate ID.

Terms for the automatic debit collection via batches

PayPro collects in terms of private direct debit. This means that your client has the opportunity to reverse the payment within 56 days.

So, which steps you have to follow?

  1. Complete your PayPro account!  Provide all necessary information and documents to approve your PayPro account, because we can only start to collect the direct debit after your account has been fully approved.

  2. Submit a complete and signed "SEPA-direct debit-form" to us. Send the filled form to   

  3.  !!!!! MISSING LINK SEPA form in ENGLISH!!!

  1. After the approval of your "SEPA-direct debit-form", you can send us your first batch. Please send us the batch one week before the first payment date. 

  2. Please attach all SEPA-authorizations (hand-signed) of those clients.                  Note: We are allowed to perform samplings at any time, to prove SEPA-authorizations by requesting those from your clients.

  3. That's it! We now process your batches. 

How long takes the direct debit process?

One of your most concerning questions might be: When do I receive my payment? 

The easiest way is to explain it and our processes by this example:

When your preferred payment day is the 12-12-2018, we need to receive your batch at least two days in advance, on the 10-12-2018. The payment will be then processed by the bank. The (working) day after, on the 13-12-2018, the payment is received by PayPro, where it is directly booked on your PayPro-balance.


Whenever you still have any difficulties or questions feel free to start a chat (right blue button) or contact us at

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