SEPA batch - recurring direct debit (RCUR)

When exporting the direct debit batch from your accounting program, administration program or an XML generator, you may have to choose the collection type. We always advise you to choose the option that indicates a direct debit that will take place repeatedly. This can be indicated as "periodic" or "recurring" (RCUR). Even if you are not sure whether the customer will be direct debited again, we still recommend you to opt for this option.


For your information: you can also choose to use the "one-off” (OFF) collection type, but we do not recommend this. Since this means that you can collect the customer only once and not again with the same mandate ID. Read more about mandate IDs here.


After generating the direct debit batch you can open the file to see which collection type has been selected. You may need to download a program for this, if you do not have this, you can of course also contact us and we will check it for you.


The image below shows what a direct debit batch looks like and where you can find which collection type you have chosen.

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