With PayPro you can run online payments in 3 ways. You can do this..

  1. by linking to your webshop
  2. by using separate payment buttons
  3. by linking to our API.

A payment button is best used when you want customers to be able to pay immediately when they press a button. 

This is often used on websites that offer some products and/or work with subscriptions. 

The advantage is that a customer pays as soon as the payment button is pressed. They don't have to take any extra action, for example by going to "shopping cart" and pressing checkout. 

Please note that if you use payment buttons, customers can only pay once per click. This is in contrast to a webshop where you can pay for multiple products at the same time. If you prefer the customer to do this, then follow this article.

How to create a payment button?
Follow this step-by- step plan to easily create your own payment button.

1 . Go on "MANAGE PAYMENT BUTTONS" on the left bar and click on "Trough payment page" to create a payment button for a new product

2.  Choose your payment type
3.  Fill in your descriptions and make your settings and click on "Continue"
4. Choose if you want to add an affiliate campaign to this product.
5. Now you just have to use the link or the HTML to create a payment link/button. The payment page is completely configured and ready to use. Initiate a test payment to make sure that everything works. Click on the link "Pay" below to initiate the test payment in a new tab.

6. Fill in your E-Mail address and process the test payment. Check your E-Mails if everything went fine. Afterwards go back to the tab where you have been made the settings. Click on "Continue"
7. Set if you want to leave this payment button in "Test"-mode or you want to use it from now on. In this case, click on "Live". If you made your decision click on "Continue" to finalize it.

Something still unclear?
Whenever you still have any difficulties or questions feel free to start a chat (right blue button) or contact us at support@paypro.nl.

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