With PayPro you can run online payments in 3 ways. You can do this..

  1. by linking to your webshop. 

  2. by using separate payment buttons.

  3. by linking to our API.

Follow this step-by-step plan to easily link your webshop with your PayPro account:

1 . Go to "Manage Payment Buttons" or "Integrate Webshop" on the left bar and click on "Trough webshop". 

Note: You cannot transform an existing payment button into a webshop connection. Just add it as a new option.

2. Fill in your information and choose your plugin. Then "Continue"
3. Based on the chosen plugin you will see special installation steps which you follow.
4. Finally you are asked if you want to add an affiliate campaign. Finish the process by clicking on "Continue".

You can now manage your webshop links at "Integrated Webshops" on the left bar.

Something still unclear?
Whenever you still have any difficulties or questions feel free to start a chat (right blue button) or contact us at support@paypro.nl.

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