PayPro does not accept products or services that pose a high or unacceptable risk to our reputation and/or conflict with laws or regulations. Each product or service is individually assessed by Compliance. If you have doubts regarding whether PayPro’s services are available for the products or services you supply, please contact us at


The supply of products or services:

  • that are prohibited by law

  • that will foreseeably be prohibited by law

  • that are strongly related or dependent on a product/service which PayPro does not accept

  • that form or could form an unacceptable risk to PayPro’s reputation

  • that require a license or registration which the supplier of that service or product does not hold

Erotic products/services

The supply of products or services related to:

  • offering erotic or pornographic visual material

  • sex dating or mail-order brides

  • sex events

  • prostitution or escort services

Illegal products/services

The supply of products or services:

  • that are illegal

  • that promote illegal activities or provide instructions about said activities

  • that were illegally copied or counterfeited

  • that violate the copyright, trademark and/or privacy of others in an unlawful manner.

Financial services

The supply of:

  • financial services without the service provider having the required license/registration

  • financial products without the service provider having the required approval of or registration with the competent authority


The supply of:

  • medicinal products or devices for which the supplier does not hold the applicable license or registration

  • unregulated and/or illegal medicinal products

  • medicinal products for purposes other than the intended purpose of those products


The supply of:

  • products that are banned under the Dutch Opium Act

  • materials that are supplied for the production of a product that is banned under the Dutch Opium Act

Games of chance

The offering of:

  • games of chance without a license granted by the Netherlands Gambling Authority

  • a penny auction

  • binary options or CFDs.

Socially unacceptable behaviour

The supply of products or services related to:

  • inciting terrorism, violence and/or other criminal activities

  • evading applicable laws and regulations

  • the use of misleading market practices

  • the supply of misleading, unfair or improper products or services

  • the offering of pyramid schemes

Dietary supplements

The supply of:

  • dietary supplements that could harm the user’s health

  • dietary supplements that contain steroids


Activities related to:

  • the purchase or sale of property


The supply of:

  • weapons and/or ammunition

  • weapon parts

  • weapon accessories

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