Take a look at the 8 frequently asked questions about the PayPro Partner Program.

1. For whom is the Partner Program?

Anyone with a website, network, mailing list, app, podcast, vlog or blog is welcome to join the PayPro Partner Program. So sign up directly and send an email to affiliate-marketing@paypro.nl

2. How does it work?

As soon as your registration is confirmed you will get an account with PayPro. There you will find unique tracking links that you can use in your content. There you will also find the guidelines you need to follow and material that you can use to promote PayPro.

3. What does the commission consist of?

For each service module the merchant purchases from Paypro you will receive 10% commission. This can quickly add up to a minimum of €5,- per month for the modules alone. On top of that you also earn 10% commission on the transaction costs of every purchase a visitor makes on your website.

4. Are there any costs involved in becoming a PayPro Partner?

It costs nothing to become a PayPro Partner. On the contrary, you can earn a lot with it!

5. How often do I get paid?

Through our own payment system we can pay your earned commission directly with the transaction costs. The commission on the purchased modules is paid once a month.

6. Is it possible to set up deep links?

Yes, we support deeplinks and you can easily set sub-parameters for your tracking links.

7. What 'cookie term' applies?

30 days, this means that you get commission for all leads generated within 30 days after the first visit.

8. What tools does PayPro make available?

We provide you with one-pagers on the PayPro services that allow you to create effective affiliate campaigns. We also offer templates that you can use to promote PayPro. If you need anything else, please send an e-mail to affiliate-marketing@paypro.nl.

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