PayPro's 'partner mailing' is a very powerful and effective way to reach PayPro affiliates directly. For the image of PayPro, it is important that the partner mailing contains clear information for affiliates and 100% insight into who is selling the product. Below is a list of requirements that a partner mailing should meet:

  • Use the placeholder #NAAM in the salutation (e.g., 'Dear #NAAM,')

  • The information in the email is objective and reliable.

  • The email includes a link to the sales page or homepage.

  • Indicate where the affiliate can find more information and promotional materials.

  • Be easily accessible to your affiliates. Leave your email or phone number to support the affiliate(s).

  • In the email, put the link that an affiliate can use to promote. This link can be copied from the Affiliate Campaign Overview where your PayPro ID (at the end of the link) can be replaced with #userid. Our system will automatically fill it in for the affiliate.

  • Improper use of the PayPro brand or name or incorrect reference to PayPro's affiliate campaigns are not allowed. Examples: "Number 1 by PayPro", "The best product by PayPro" or "Specially by PayPro...".

Mail Submission

Anyone who meets the above requirements can purchase a PayPro Affiliate Mailing. PayPro will review each purchase against the above conditions and reserves the right to reverse a purchase if it sees sufficient reason to do so.

If in doubt whether you meet the above conditions, you can always contact us. You can reach us by phone at 085 - 40 117 86. By email you can reach us at

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