Before you start making an affiliate campaign at PayPro, it is wise to read the guidelines on this subject carefully. If you have created an affiliate campaign in your account, we will assess the campaign based on these guidelines. 

If your affiliate campaign is rejected, it has not met these guidelines. We will also communicate to you which guidelines your campaign does not meet, with possible feedback. This way you can improve your affiliate campaign so that it will be online :) 

Guidelines for creating an affiliate campaign
In order to present your campaigns in the campaign overview as clear and successful as possible, a number of rules have been drawn up that are mandatory when drawing up an "affiliate campaign":

  • 1.1 'The description of the campaign' should clarify the product offered.

  • 1.2 The campaign should make it clear whether the product is physical or digital. If it concerns a course, training or registration, this must also be clearly indicated.

  • 1.3 The commission must be at least 1% of the purchase value of the product. In euro's, the commission may not be lower than €1,-.

(An exception to the rule applies to campaigns that are drawn up as Pay Per Action for example for a subscription to a mailing list. The minimum commission for these campaigns is €0.10 cents.)

  • 1.4 The selected "category" must have clear interfaces with the product. This is assessed by the employee (s) of PayPro.

Landing page guidelines
To ensure the quality of the campaigns that are created at PayPro, we look not only at a product but also at the website (s) behind it. We have linked the following rules to this:

  • 2.1 On the landing page where the affiliate link is led to, it is mandatory to have the payment button clearly visible. This can be done by a direct button or through clear reference to the button at another location on the same website.

  • 2.2 The landing page must be linked to the product and the description that can be found in the campaign at PayPro.

  • 2.3 It is not permitted to refer the affiliate link to a landing page where someone is required to register for a mailing and / or account in advance he / she can see the product and request purchases. 

(An exception to the rule applies if the affiliate campaign is aimed at getting people to subscribe to a mailing. The commission must therefore be geared to this).

  • 2.4 The website to which reference is made must have a professional image. This will be assessed by the employee(s) of PayPro. This includes: design, structure, content, and product.

  • 2.5 The possibility to contact the seller should be clearly present on the website.

  • 2.6 The company details of the seller must be found on the website.

Product guidelines

  • 3.1 The product offered may be either a physical or a digital product.

  • 3.2 The product should be valuable and an addition to the campaign overview. This is assessed by the employee (s) of PayPro.

  • 3.3 Digital products can be requested to assess quality.

  • 3.4 Products that are misleading or may appear misleading are not admitted to the campaign overview.

  • 3.5 The product may not be provocative / offensive.

  • 3.6 The product should be allowed to be sold legally.

Campaign activity

  • 4.1 If the campaign has not had a sale for 2 months, it will automatically be removed from the campaign overview.

  • 4.2 When a campaign has had no activity, in form of sales and clicks, for one month, it will automatically be removed from the campaign overview.

For both lines 4.1 and 4.2 the campaigns are still active but can no longer be found in the public campaign overview.

General terms and conditions

  • 5.1 Condition is subject to change without notice and at any time.

  • 5.2 PayPro reserves the right at all times to exclude campaigns from the campaign overview.

If the campaign, landing page or product does not meet the requirements, the campaign will not be approved. We will always explain the reasons and eventually add feedback.

*In some specific cases an exception will be made to the rule. You will have to make a request for this in advance by e-mail or telephone. 

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