We often get questions about what a good affiliate campaign requiers. This of course differs from the product. Here we have 9 general tips:

1 . Provide information

It is important to clearly state in the campaign description what the product, commission and target group is. From our expierence with the affiliates, we often received feedback that the campaign information is often not clear.

2. Focus your campaign text on the right target group.

It is important to have a clear goal. In this case, the goal is to convince affiliates to promote your campaign. Therefore, focus your campaign on this affiliate. A common mistake is that sellers keep a sales pitch in the campaign description and tell you why you should buy the product. 

For an affiliate it is not interesting at first to read why he/she should buy the product. It is interesting for the affiliate to read why he/she should sell the product. 

3. Make it easy for affiliates!

When an affiliate wants to promote products, he or she can do so in different ways. What the affiliate really wants is demo material that they can use for that purpose. Think of pictures, banners and movies. 

It is therefore advisable to provide a page on your website with promotional material. In your campaign description you can then place a URL where this material can be found. 

4. Don't give a too high commission, but also don't give a too low commission!

Many sellers want to persuade affiliates with an extremely high commission with the idea that many affiliates will then get involved in the campaigns.

We have the example of a customer who made an ebook available for affiliate marketing. This ebook cost no less than €70. The commission for the affiliate was more than €50,- per sale. Relatively speaking, this is of course a very high commission, but the affiliates still stayed away.

A similar product was also offered for €30,- with a commission of €10,-. Despite a lower commission, more affiliates were working on this. 

In addition to the commission, affiliates also look at the potential of the ebook. The asking price is part of this. A book of €70,- is of course sold much less quickly than a comparable book of €30,-.

A commission that is too low is of course not interesting for an affiliate either. The trick is to find the "golden spot". This of cause differs per product. 

5. Do you have several products? Let the affiliate be able to promote them all at once. 

If you have a webshop, it is common that an affiliate receives a percentage commission on every product that is sold through him/her.

It is advisable to apply this also to a website with separate product buttons. Do you sell multiple products on your website using separate buttons? (For example, subscriptions " small " - " medium " - " premium ".) Make sure that they can receive a commission on all products. You can set this during the creation process of your campaign by activating the option: "Indirect commission".

An affiliate will now be able to promote multiple products at once. 

6. Refer the affiliate the URL of the homepage of your website

Many sellers refer to one long sales page. Of course this is a nice extra option. But it is advisable to refer the affiliate just a link as a basis to the homepage of your website. 

You can explain in your campaign description that deeplinking can be used and that they can refer to a sales page. Then the affiliate can decide for himself on which page the affiliate URL will end up.

7. Test your campaign

Test your campaign for a few days. Then look at the statistics. Do you have many clicks but little sales? It could be that your website doesn't look reliable and a lot of potential customers drop out.

We know, optimizing the sales process is a difficult job. Therefore, always keep on testing and improving.

8. Be patient 

Do you have an online campaign but it doesn't do much good? Don't immediately turn everything upside down and adjust it. It can sometimes take some time for affiliates to get involved in your campaign.

Also keep in mind that affiliate marketing is a nice medium for marketing your product, but that it is only one tool to be able to sell your product. 

Be aware, that by using affiliate marketing you can't sit still and let PayPro do the work. It is therefore always advisable, in addition to our current affiliates, to look for (new) affiliates who can promote your product. 

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