With the 'Create and send invoices' module, you can easily send invoices to your customers. 

Unlike many other products with us, you don't need to have a website for this.

You fill in the customer's details, the amount involved and the description of the product. Then click on send, and the customer receives the invoice in his/her e-mail. 

The big advantage of this module is that the customer automatically receives a payment link that he / she can click. This payment link automatically redirects the customer to our payment page. There the customer can pay the invoice via iDEAL or SOFORT. 

In addition to one-time payments, this module is also available to send invoices for 'Payment by installment'. You can then specify the amount, the number of installments to be collected after the first payment and the length of one installment. When the first installment has been paid via this invoice, the direct debit process will start automatically. The customer will be automatically collected in the next period. 

How do I activate the module?Log in into your PayPro account, go to 'Module: Increase Revenue' an click on 'Turn on now' at the right row. That's it! You can now at this payment option to your products.

More help needed?
Whenever you still have any difficulties or questions feel free to start a chat (right blue button) or contact us at support@paypro.nl.

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