The 'Accept bank transfer' module makes it possible to receive payments from 34 European countries. Your customers are then able to pay in form of the SEPA bank transfer to your PayPro account. 

The payment is recognized by the PayPro system through a unique code, on which the payment is automatically linked to your sales and your PayPro account. If the payment cannot be traced back to a product or a seller, we will refund the payment. 

The payment will only be considered "completed" when the payment has actually been received. This may take a few working days. Once the payment has been processed in our payment system, your customer will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of the payment and the ordered product.

As soon as you activate the module in your PayPro account, you can directly select 'bank transfer' as payment method on a payment page.

You don't have a payment page or payment buttons yet? See the module 'Payment page'.

If you use the module 'Create & send Invoicing' and you have the module 'Accept bank transfers' enabled, then the bank details for the transfer are automatically put on the invoice that is sent to your customers.

Wondering how you can activate this module?
Log in into your PayPro account, go to 'Module: Increase Revenue' an click on 'Turn on now' at the right row. That's it! You can now at this payment option to your products.

More help needed?
Whenever you still have any difficulties or questions feel free to start a chat (right blue button) or contact us at

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