As a financial service provider, we are obliged to know for whom we process payments. One of the checks is the requirement of validating your business bank account. You can validate your account in two different ways: via iDEAL or by means of a bank transfer.

Do you want to start or run this process again? Then navigate to: Here you can find the field 'Bank details', where you can change/enter this data. After clicking the the relevant link you can choose how you want to complete the validation, via iDEAL or bank transfer.

Opted for iDEAL?

After paying the €0.01, your validation will also reach our compliance colleagues. We will get to work for you as soon as possible. You will hear from us as soon as your account has also been validated by us.

Chosen bank transfer?

We can validate your IBAN after we receive the 1 cent wire transfer. You will hear from us as soon as we have received the 1 cent transfer and your IBAN has been validated.

For merchant accounts, we check your IBAN for the following:

  • Whether the ascription of your IBAN matches the registered trade name.

  • Whether the IBAN you used to pay 1 cent is the same as the IBAN entered in your PayPro account.

  • Whether it is a business IBAN

Do you have any questions or are you unable to find the fitting solution? We are here for you if you have questions! Mail, chat or call us and we'll help you!

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