You can easily change your customer's details in our system. How to do so is explained below step by step:

  1. Go in your PayPro account to the overview "Financial" or "Balance overview" in the left menu.

  2. Search for your customer's name, in the new screen at the top right of the search bar, 

  3. Choose the right customer by clicking on the line.

  4. A pop-up screen will appear where you can see the customer details in the middle of the screen. Next to the header Customer details, it says "change".

  5. When you click on "change", you can change the basic name and address of your customer. 

Do you want to generate an invoice with the new details?
Enter the changes and don't forget to click on SAVE. You now able to generate a new invoice under the header "Actions" on the right by clicking on "Regenerate invoice"  

Note: The regenerated invoice will not be sent to your customer automatically.

Do you want to activate a refund or cancel a payment?
Open the pop-up window from step 4. Click on the "Terms" tab at the bottom of the page. In the line(s) you will see the payment method, installment, date, amount and status of the payment. When you click on the plus sign on the left, you will see additional details.

In the lower right corner of the screen you will see the header "Actions", where you can repay and cancel the payment, among other things.

Please note that a refund is only possible if an IBAN number is known and when the money has been credited. An cancellation is also only possible if the order has not yet been sent to the bank and the money has not yet been credited.

Is something still unclear?
Whenever you still have any difficulties or questions feel free to start a chat (right blue button) or contact us at

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