No, unfortunately that's not possible. We automatically create (consecutive) invoice numbers for you. 

We do this to prevent a gap in the numbering, and that therefore your accounting within PayPro will not work anymore. 

But how do I combine these with the invoices I don't send from PayPro?

As a company, your invoices have to meet a number of tax requirements. One of these requirements is that your invoices are numbered in order.

The reason for this is that during a tax check you can clearly show which invoices you have created and processed. This way, there can be no gap in your bookkeeping. 

In case you already have a series of invoices in progress and PayPro cannot be added to them, we can suggest you this easy solution:

PayPro creates its own series for you with the invoices that are made from PayPro. At the end of the month you will have 2 series. One set of your "own" bookkeeping and one set from PayPro. 

In this way you officially keep 2 accounts regarding invoices. You can now just as well show your invoices in a series at an inspection, only in this case you work with 2 series. Is that allowed? Yes, it is completely legal!

For more information about "invoice requirements" of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, click here.

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