In the context of eCommerce, Postbacks describe sales transaction notifications from payment processors to the merchant's affiliate system site. Or in other words, Postbacks are signals from PayPro to your servers in case of a change within your account. You can set the events for which you want to receive these signals. You can choose between the following events: New sales, new term, a status change or a new sales invoice. You can use this signals to, for example, fully automate the delivery process or your administration.

Postback settings
The postback settings can be found on the page 'My settings'. The settings form consists of the postback URL, triggers and the secure postback. It is recommended to use the secure postback if you want to make sure that the postbacks are received in good manner.

If you want more information about how to use Postbacks at PayPro, then take a look at our developer website.

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