A 'Tracker Variable' is a short word that you can stick to your affiliate link. 

This allows you to see exactly how many times this link has been clicked in your statistics. This is especially useful if you are promoting a certain product on several websites. 

Placing the same link on several websites,  you can't see which link worked best afterwards. This can be prevented by placing a Tracker Variable behind your affiliate link. See the example below: 

This is what your affiliate link looks like:

In this affiliate link, "456" stands for your unique PayPro ID that allows PayPro to recognize that you have promoted this product.

An affiliate link with a Tracker Variable looks like this:


If you generate clicks via these links, you can see that in 'Statistics' on the left menu in your PayPro account. When you click on the regarding product, you will see separate rules for "ABC" and for "mydomein.com". 

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