PayPro has created a direct integration to Prestashop. This way you can use PayPro payments for your Prestashop webshop. These include:

  • AfterPay

  • Bancontact

  • iDEAL

  • Master Card

  • PayPal

  • Bank transfer

  • SEPA Direct Debit

  • Sofort Digital

  • Sofort Physical

  • VISA

In the following, this article presents you a step-by-step plan and a video on how to integrate these payments into Prestashop.

Step-by-step plan:

1) Downloading the Plugin

For downloading the PayPro plugin and connecting it to Prestashop, you first go to and login to your PayPro account.

After you logged in, you land on your PayPro dashboard.

Click then on “Integrate Webshop” in the left menu bar, followed by “Through webshow” to start the integration. Enter the name and URL of your online store and choose Prestashop as well as the typ of product and the preferred language for the checkout page.

When you then continue, you see an overview of the integration steps for the Prestashop plugin. Start with the download of the plugin file from the first step.

2) Connecting the two systems via API

Afterwards you go and log in into your known Prestashop environment. Click then on the module manager under the header modules in the left menu. In the top right you see now a button called “Upload a module”.

Click on it and open the ZIP integration file you just downloaded. Confirm the upload and continue with the modules configuration by entering your personalised API key.

To get this API key you go back to the PayPro overview. There the API key is shown in bold in your PayPro account. Please copy it! And before we return to Prestashop, click twice on “continue” to finish the payment integration on PayPro’s side.

3) Activate the Payments

Now you go back to your Prestashop account, paste the API key, save changes, and activate the payment methods you have also activated in your PayPro account and want to use in this webshop. Click on save changes at the bottom and this is all. Now the activated payment methods are available for your customers in your webshop.

Instruction video:

The start right with the integration steps, jump to minute 1:02 and skip the introduction.

Any questions?
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