To verify your identity, we require a copy of your valid ID card, passport or driver's license to be sure about who you are. 

Pay particular attention to the points below when uploading your ID.

  • Social security number: must be visible at all times

  • Driver's license: upload the front and back of your driver's license

  • ID card: upload the front and back of your ID card

  • Validity: check the validity date of your document, we cannot accept an expired ID

You can easily upload the document in your account. Login and go to, scroll all the way down. Here you will find the button for uploading your ID card, driver's license, or passport.

Click on "Upload" and select the file (.pdf / .jpg / .png) which contains your valid ID.

The file is then automatically uploaded, you can simply click on the cross after uploading the file has been successful.

Do you have questions about this or are you unable to find a solution? Send us a message at or call us: +31 85 40 117 86.

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