Registration manual

We have created this manual to make the registration process easier to understand and quicker for you. In 7 steps we explain what information we need from you and how we would like to receive it, in order for you to receive payments as quickly as possible.

Step 1: My profile

The first step towards an approved account is navigating to the place where you can provide all of the required information. Log in to your account and go to click on the top right of your name and go to "My profile".

Step 2: Company information

We would like to know more about you and your company. At the rubric "My profile" you are able to enter the required information. We kindly request that you complete the fields with the contact details, business and bank details.

Pay particular attention to the points below.

  • VAT number: this starts for example with NL, BE, DE, ES, IT or otherwise, depending on the country of origin
  • Website: we would like to see your company website listed here, even if your products or services are not sold via this website (It is not a problem if you do not have a website)
  • Address details: we require the address details of you and your company

Is your company based outside the Netherlands? Send PayPro a message via with a copy of the company registration (Chamber of Commerce / Crossroads Bank / Chamber of Commerce).

Complete the data by clicking on "Modify" and then save the changes by clicking on "Modify".

Step 3: The agreement

You can digitally sign the PayPro service agreement in your account. You can sign the document after you have entered all the necessary business information, as stated in Step 2.

Go to the page and scroll all the way down. Here you will be presented with the option to sign the agreement. Click on the red bar to sign the agreement.

A new window with the agreement will open. Please note to carefully check the data and information in the agreement. Click on the blue arrow to scroll through the agreement.

Please check on page two of the agreement whether the IBAN has been properly filled-in, if this is correct, scroll further through the agreement and read it carefully.

Is every detail filled-in correctly and do you agree with the agreement? Scroll down completely and enter your signature digitally. Click with your mouse in the frame and hold it to create the signature. Send the document when you are ready.

Step 4: Upload a valid identification document

To verify your identity, we require a copy of your valid ID card, passport or driver's license to be sure about who you are. 

Pay particular attention to the points below when uploading your ID.

  • Social security number: must be visible at all times
  • Driver's license: upload the front and back of your driver's license
  • ID card: upload the front and back of your ID card
  • Validity: check the validity date of your document, we cannot accept an expired ID

You can easily upload the document in your account. Login and go to, scroll all the way down. Here you will find the button for uploading your ID card, driver's license, or passport.

Click on "Upload" and select the file (.pdf / .jpg / .png) which contains your valid ID.

The file is then automatically uploaded, you can simply click on the cross after uploading the file has been successful.

Step 5: UBO form

Pursuant to the Act on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, PayPro must determine with regard to your company which person is a major stakeholder of your company (UBO). For this reason, we would like to know who has a 25% interest or more in your company. For more information about the UBO form, click here.

We would like to ask you to pay specific attention to the points below.

  • Date of birth: the correct date of birth of the UBO (s) must be noted here
  • Address: enter the home address of the UBO here
  • Multiple UBOs: your company can have multiple UBOs. If you are a sole trader or self-employed, you generally have one UBO. If your company has mutual ownerships, then there are generally more UBO’s. Are you not sure? Please verify it at your Chamber of Commerce
  • Valid ID: we would like to receive a valid ID from all UBOs of your company

You can easily submit the UBO form in your PayPro account. Login and go to scroll all the way down. Here you will find the button for submitting the UBO form.

Click on "Fill in Ubo form", a new window will open. We kindly request you to provide information about the UBO here. This exists of; gender, initials, residential address, city, zip code, surname and date of birth.

If there is more than one UBO within your company, add an extra UBO with the button. Are you not sure about what a UBO is? Then click here.

After adding the UBOs, scroll all the way down. Enter the missing or incorrect information and click on "Continue".

The UBO form is now generated. Check the form carefully and verify whether the generated data is correct. Is this not correct? Then contact us via the information is correct, click on the blue arrow to continue.

Is every detail filled-in correctly and do you agree? Scroll all the way down and enter your signature digitally. Click with your mouse in the frame and hold it to create the signature. Send the document when you are ready.

Step 6: Business activities 

We are happy to help you choose the right payment service for you and your company. Would you like to set up a webshop, use batch sepa direct debit, send invoices, or use our payment pages? Or do you have no idea at all and would you like advice? Send us a message about which service you would like to use, along with a brief explanation of your company to, we will send you more information immediately.

Step 7: Website information 

Does your company use a website? Please state this in your PayPro account, checking your website is part of the registration process, even if the website is not used to realise any sales directly. 

We kindly ask you to mention the following information on your website.

  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • VAT number
  • Address information
  • Trade name
  • Email address and telephone number or another contact option

Do not have a website? No problem, send a message to with a brief explanation of the business activities and the PayPro services which you would like to use.

After submitting the required documents, we will assess your request within two working days, you will automatically receive a message by email regarding the assessment. 

You can receive payments within two working days of submitting the required documents, provided there are no questions or comments based on the documents provided.

Piece of cake!

Keep the 7 steps in mind when you register for an account at PayPro, it will guarantee you a fast and efficient registration process so that you can receive payments quickly. If you have any questions about our registration process, please let us know, you can reach us via or by telephone: + 31 85 40 117 86.

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