Do you want to make it even easier for your customers to pay? At PayPro it is now possible to pay with iDEAL QR. 

Have you ever experienced it yourself? Do you want to make that nice purchase online, but your identifier is nowhere to be found! Disappointed you click the page closed and the intention of the purchase is slowly forgotten. But that never has to happen again! We present, iDEAL QR! With iDEAL QR you can easily use the mobile banking app on your phone. As a result, you no longer need an identifier for your online purchase.

How does iDEAL QR work?
If you have added iDEAL QR as a payment method, it will appear as an extra choice on your payment page. Your customer can easily select the payment method and click on pay.

The following screen automatically displays the QR code that can be used for payment. Your customer can easily scan the code using the iDEAL QR app (on his or her phone!).  

After scanning the code with the iDEAL QR app, the screen below will appear on the phone. Here is another overview of the payment that the customer will make. The customer chooses his preferred bank at the bottom of the screen and then clicks on the pink button "betalen" (which means "pay"). After this, the customer is automatically redirected to his mobile banking app.

If the payment is completed successfully, the customer will automatically be redirected to the successful payment page on his mobile.

Would you like to find more information about iDEAL/QR and our rates? Check it out on our website.

Is something still unclear?
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