iDEAL is the most used online payment method in the Netherlands! Your customer can pay via iDEAL in their own internet banking environment. iDEAL now also makes it possible to pay by scanning a QR code.

As soon as you offer an iDEAL QR code, your customers can pay easily and at any time via iDEAL. You can put an iDEAL QR code offline on an invoice, on a sales receipt or on an advertising poster. This makes iDEAL QR a good and modern alternative to giro collection. You can also use iDEAL QR online by offering it as a payment option in your webshop. 

To be able to pay via iDEAL QR, your customer needs the iDEAL app. As soon as the iDEAL QR code is scanned, the payment information appears. Then the customer will choose his bank and automatically enters his mobile banking app where he confirms and processes the payment. 

You want to use iDEAL QR as a payment method? Get more information about iDEAL QR on our website.

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